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Beginning to blog

I want to share with the world my thoughts on what I am most passionate about. First and foremost, I work in the wine business, so I will be discussing many thoughts on what is exciting in the world of wine. This is the subject I know more about than anything else in the world. I love the subject of wine. Before I discovered and worked with wine, I was and am still very passionate about music and art. I have been playing guitar, bass, and keyboards on and off since 1998. I was a DJ in college from 2001-2005. I have been to many concerts and love to dance to my favorite band’s music. I also love to sing karaoke and play rock band. I liked comic books when I was about 11 and began to draw. When I was 20, I found a Renaissance art book and fell in love with art history. I also discovered Salavador Dali and began drawing all the time. I took a painting class Senior Year of college and really enjoyed that. In 2005 I discovered my 2 favorite bands, The Mars Volta and Underoath and they are vital to my spirit. I look forward to building a foundation of blogs that have a connected theme that will seem interesting to as many people as possible without compromising my organic impulsive thoughts and ideas on a particular subject relevant at the time. I want this beginning stage to be my messy period that progressively cleans up and creates its own direction of organization and fascination. I want to thank everyone in advance who have decided to check out what I have decided to blog about. Enjoy.


Hello world!

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