Wines with dogs on the label

photo-5I have developed a special place in my heart as well as my wine selection for wines that have dogs on the label. Here are 4 that I currently have in stock at the moment.

Vinum Petite Syrah Reserve $11.99 (a portion of profits from the sale of this wine goes to an animal shelter in San Francisco.

Rabid Red California Red $9.99 (The name Rabid is intended to embody the “fanatical passion” for great wine.)

Hugh Hamilton Jim Jim Shiraz $10.99 (Jim Jim the “downunder dog” is a legend in his own dog bowl. The fact that he has his own page in the hit book ‘Wine Dogs’ has not gone to his head. That’s insignificant compared to his other achievements. He still defends his vineyard from predatory birds and chases seagulls on the beach without success, but by far his most important role is helping Hugh select a harvest date for his grapes. Once Jim Jim starts to eat the grapes Hugh knows its “game on” for the vintage. More importantly, however, Jim Jim now has his own range of wines named, yes, you guessed it….. Jim Jim. Check out his web site on He also has a Myspace page and is always looking for new friends. Log in and become his friend Jim Jim has attitude so don’t expect him to chase you, but if you become his friend, you’ll always be his friend. He has loyalty. And his wines are excellent too.)

O’Reilly’s Pinot Noir $21.99 (The dog on this label is an Irish Wolfhound and the pub dog at an Irish pub in San Francisco and is owned by the brother of David O’Reilly who is the founder, co-owner, and winemaker for the famous Owen Roe winery in Oregon.)

***Irish Wolfhounds are my favorite breed of dogs.***


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