On My Record Player Part 11

The Sugarcubes – life’s too good (1988)

I have already written in detail about my past experiences in discovering the music of Bjork and the profound effect it has had on my musical journey in life. I’m not sure if I have mentioned much or at all about my experience as a DJ at WODU, Old Dominion’s college radio station. So, my senior year in college was all about Bjork, The Mars Volta, collecting records, and DJing for WODU and it may have taken a while, but I came across Bjork’s history before she went solo. That being the band “The Sugarcubes” and some hipster kids that worked at WODU in the late 80’s early 90’s kept a few Sugarcubes records in Vinyl vault that I am sure were completely ignored during the beginning of the 21st century. However, I knew that I would be the one that would give this record some attention after 10-15 years, and I made the attempt, which was difficult at this point but I made an effort, to really listen and try to appreciate this very indie style of rock/pop from an Icelandic band that would nourish the extravagant solo career of pop star Bjork. This band has a great dynamic of being lively in a very refreshing way. Obviously, Bjork has a very distinctive and powerful vocal influence to the band which I am sure helped fuel the creativity of the supporting male band members. She comes across very harmonic and soulful without being too delicate and feminine and not overpowering like many might expect. She was 23 when this came out, and while she had been musically trained for most of her life, I think she was really in a focused state of mind in that she wanted to understand how to work her vocals in sync with other musicians and instruments in the best possible way. Too really learn and feel how other musicians can work to the best possible way with her vocal talents and passionate lyrics. There is something about the Icelandic spirit that is very unique and creates a very earthy, human musical vibe that I think a lot of indie fans can connect with. I have to mention the incredible Icelandic band Sigur Ros as a great example of genius music from this land. Check out: This is really great, but I hate to take the focus of “life’s too good.” I have not listened to this very much, regretfully, since I have possessed it, but I am happy to bring this music to life and hear Bjork work in the raw 6-piece rock formation and the innocence and energy of a group like this that was cherished in their home country but was eager for the rest of the world to discover. Some great work, but I will always be a bigger fan of Bjork’s amazing solo career. Some interesting trivia: On November 172006, the band had a one-off reunion concert at Laugardalshöll sport arena in Reykjavík,Iceland, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single with all profits going to the non-profit Smekkleysa SM to promote Icelandic music.[2] They were supported by fellow Icelandic groups múm and Rass. Despite this reunion, the group has expressed that it has no intention to play future shows or record new material.

My review’s better but here is http://www.allmusic.com 4 and half out of 5 stars

With strong songs built around Bjork Gudmundsdottir‘s piercing, striking voice, this record lived up to all the advance hype. With songs like “Birthday” and “Motorcrash,” this is the perfect introduction to the ‘Cubes.


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