You make my dreams come true

Last night I dreamed I was doing a cross between flying and galloping through room after room in a mansion or museum that had the most beautiful sculptures and paintings in blue, white, pastel colored rooms decorated sometime in the 17th and 18th century in France or Italy. Its a beautiful thing to use your brain in dreams to create a world of settings that appeal to you the most. For me, besides the ability to fly, I love the architecture and decorations of chateaus, homes, restaurants, museums and old towns in Europe more than anything else my imagination can think of. In dreams, I always find myself in mazes, an easy metaphor for trying to find myself or place in the world. But anyways, I think its just appealing to explore unfamiliar settings just as way of playing something like a real life video game. Something like Zelda. I really enjoy elaborate magnificently designed gardens that have bush sculptures like edward scissorhands would create and maybe a maze and fountains. Large colorful flower beds like you see in the Wizard of Oz when they fall asleep in the poppies. I really respect Michael Jackson for being one the only famous wealthy people with really following through with creating a real world version of the biggest dream settings around where they live. I think that is really satisfying to ones heart, along with sharing joy with those that are less fortunate. For me, the beautiful life is all about country music, soccer, wine, traveling, friends, and family. Don’t ever lose sight of your imagination and dreams.


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