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What kind of music do you like?

This was my favorite question when I was 22 years old. Now that I’m almost 30 and a workaholic with barely any trace of a social life, I haven’t kept my mind open as I once did to the endless exploration of great music. I still have my past loves that return to me from time to time, but I think the best enjoyment comes with that which is new, exciting and not quite saturated yet. That being said, if someone asks me this question today I think about what is the most exciting to me at this stage in my life. Right now I really like introspective hip-hop and r&b which is trend many people say Drake brought back to the mainstream.


This is balanced out by the conscience openness about womanizing, lust, strip clubs and what not that may come from men acting out by the complicated bad manners and behavior that many young beautiful women seem to possess. More so than Drake, I really like Kendrick Lamar who is brave enough to put out a hit song about the destructive consequences for young people dancing with alcoholism.


That is a small part of Kendrick’s talent and subject matter which showcases his brilliance as a performer and communicator about the world he sees around him. I love singing and have been looking for great vocalists to come out for years and finally this artist from Toronto called the Weeknd appears through his work with fellow Toronto native Drake and this guy is doing it all right, just like Kendrick.


By that, I mean their own careful marketing of their precious talent and what the Weeknd possesses is a voice I have not heard since Michael. The best thing any artist can admit to themselves is that this success can all end in an instant, so knowing that the work and creation of art is always more important than the rapid wealth. My favorite mainstream artist right now is Bruno Mars.


His new song Locked out of Heaven is the best pop song to come out in the three years into our current decade. I hope that this guy will continue to work hard and share his gift with the world forever.

As far as rock music goes, which is what I grew up in love with, we have been on somewhat of a hiatus. This is largely in part to the emptiness that exists on the major rock format station DC101 and the resistance and natural disconnect with authentic indie music that one can find if they spend a lot of time on the internet and keeping up with and/or hanging out with knowledgeable hipsters on a regular basis and attending shows at clubs in DC, Philly, NYC. Anyways, I want to mention that my favorite record that came out almost 3 years ago was Circa Survive’s Blue Sky Noise and they just came out with a new record called Violent Waves which has a great video for a great song called Sharp Practice. You have to watch and listen to this.

Another song I really enjoy that I heard once on the radio a few months ago from a band I haven’t listened to in 10 years is called Tempest by Deftones.

The common theme amongst most of these artists that I like are that they are tenor vocalists which is what I am so I can perform vicariously through them. That’s what I enjoy most and sounds best to me.

I feel like this range of interests is really thin and I wish I had much more to be passionate about so one of my prayers is that a floodgate will open in the coming months with new music that enlightens me and brings additional joy to my everyday life.