I attempt to conjure up joy on a daily basis and I succeed on the most part, but somewhere along the journey when I come full center with my soul, I realize my sorrow in regards to former loved ones and best friends that have disconnected from me in the past few years. The reason for such disconnect? Temporary disagreement, lifestyle change, proximity change, “permanent” relations with others that are disapproved, shyness, stubbornness, pride, loss of youth and as weird as it sounds this unspoken but natural disconnection of singles with family and friends that are married or in serious relationships. Of course, you could blame my entire attitude on the idea of a person that thinks way too much beyond what is necessary, but to ignore such issues, I believe, is what leads to insanity and depression in adult years further down the road. So before I turn 30, I want to acknowledge these truths as to what I see around me that is naturally evolved and changed significantly in the past 8 years. That being said, I love my job, I love my co-workers, I love the Rooks, I love my family, and thank you to those who have made an effort with me as I whole heartedly admit that I am not the greatest communicator and initiator of contact in this realm of digital communication. I am an introvert who loves to sing karoake.

Thank You,



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